Thursday, November 10, 2016

Signs Signs Electrical Signs

Don't try this at home, kids; it's illegal (and very funny)

  • The latest Internet of Things (IoT) problem: poorly designed and unsecured devices can turn your android phone into a tracker. A large problem was fixed on Belkin devices, which could hack your phone via their app that runs on the phone. Food for thought.

When I first saw the browser plugin Web of Trust, I installed it. It checks the trust level of a website and alerts you to how safe it is. There was something I didn't like in the terms and I uninstalled it. It was discovered to be harvesting browsing histories and selling them to advertising agencies. WOT claims the data is anonymised but investigators were able to identify fifty people from the data. If you're using WOT, I suggest uninstalling it.

  • The election is over. People are mad. People are happy. Some snark seeping in. We should go counter to my my normal inclination and look on the bright side: no election commercials!

It has taken me years upon years to finally figure this out: do not put things up against other things, unless you want the dog to rearrange the things. I don't know if he fancies himself an inferior decorator or just likes moving stuff, or thinks he's a cat. Nothing is safe. This has been a public service announcement.

  • One thing I've discovered around the election: people in other countries are heavily involved, and opinionated. The sad part is that some of them are much better-educated on the facts than Americans. Two of the biggest commentators I've come across are from the UK - they discuss like it's their election.

In case you haven't gotten your fill of buzzwords today, about ten percent of The Cloud is already infected and waiting for you. This includes Amazon and Google.

  • I hope you're enjoying all the protesting and people shouting "He's not our president." Meh - let them protest - it's their right (right up until they damage stuff). One will remember that when Obama was elected (twice), there were no protest or riots or "not my presidents".
  • Speaking of Obama, how about that Hope and Change? Twice.

Another very significant event in this election was the complete and utter failure of the media and their predictions. A while back someone told me to ignore the media and they were beyond correct. Mainstream media is controlled by six corporate entities. This is not a conspiracy theory - look it up. I strongly urge you to either ignore the MSM or at least balance it with some reliable internet news sources.

  • California wants to secede from the United States. I say let them. Let's build a wall to keep them out.

In Poland, the army will teach women hand-to-hand combat for free. Just as soon as the navy rectifies the problems with the screen doors in their submarines. Wow, that was incredibly sophomoric, which is why you come here.

  • Welcome to ThermionicEmissions, where my own family does not dare come. Ok, except my wife, but it's her duty to humor me.

Please enjoy THE voice, Ronnie James Dio (RIP)

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