Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Today's First Amendment Pointy Stick

Two items of recent news caught my eye:

Bruce Schneier, security geek extraordinaire, was asked to testify before Congress about TSA screening.  Bruce was then summarily dis-invited, by TSA request, and will not be speaking before Congress.

Why, you ask?
Because Mr. Schneier has been critical of the TSA and we don't want any critical comments about the TSA during a hearing on the TSA, do we?

Two geniuses in my home state (PA) have sponsored a resolution announcing 2012 as the Year of the Bible.
2012 is not the Year of the Bible (or the Torah, or the Satanic Bible, or the Koran).  This is what we refer to as Establishment, which is expressly forbidden by the First Amemdment.

This is very important: freedom of religion = freedom from religion.

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  1. "This is very important: freedom of religion = freedom from religion."

    AMEN, brother! Er... I mean... umm... yeah.