Friday, March 2, 2012

Viral Straitjacketing

Man Drinks Gasoline From Jar, Dies After Lighting Cigarette

There is simply no way you could have seen that coming...

Snooki is pregnant

There's just way too much material here.  First of all, who donated the sperm?  It must have been one ugly procedure (even if it was a test tube).  Next, in what universe isn't Snooki's birth control paid up years past her expected last date of menstruation?  I know mine is.  And just in case, my wife's too.

6 Men, 6 Women on Philly Priest-Abuse Jury

Presumably the defense rejected everyone under six as too provocative.

New ad at DC Metro station tells Obama to 'go to hell'...

And take Congress with you!

Tax breaks for mustaches!

They're trying to steal my `tax breaks for the left-handed' thunder again.

The TSA - in Your Pants and on Your Highways

Somebody please stop them.

"Black Madam" Arrested at Butt Pumping Party

In other news, people pay for BUTT implants?  What's next - gut implants to make you look fatter?


What's the difference between Britain and Kentucky?

Kentucky: DAMN.. that there's a TORNADUH!

[actual text message] Britain:  We seem to be having a bit of a tornado.

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  1. A butt pumping party, huh? Almost sounds like Tupperware. My world of the 60s and 70s has moved on, I'm afraid... never to return. :(