Monday, June 25, 2012

All the Military News That's Unfit to Print

The Pentagon, in a break with tradition, is to celebrate Gay Pride this year by recognizing gay troops.  Frankly, I'm not buying it.  I suspect this is a less-than-clever attempt to purge the stupid gays from the military.  It would probably go like this:

We would like to recognize Adam Smith, our first gay soldier.  Please stand up!

[PLOOK - Adam is shot]

Next is Melinda Green.  Stand up, Melinda!

[PLOOK - no more Melinda]

Next, John Greenberg.  Please stand up, John.

Remember: It's don't ask, don't tell for a reason.


A study has just been released, which states that the number two cause of death in the military is suicide.

Presumably the first is admitting you're gay.

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