Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Stupidity Knows No Bounds

I won't claim to understand it but here we are.  Today I bring you two Tales of the Stupid from two ends of the spectrum, thus proving Stupidity Knows No Bounds [big echo].

First we have the case of Jacksonville's Paul Causer.  Paul has been officially charged with bigamy after Wife #1 turned him in.   Wife #1 read about Wife #2 on Paul's Facebook page, where his status was listed as "It's complicated."

What kind of Rhodes Scholar puts this information on a public forum?

Bigamy: one wife too many
Monogamy:  see Bigamy


Next up is Des Moines, Iowa public schools superintendent, 57-year-old Nancy Sebring.  Nancy's emails were requested by reporters and were discovered to contain all sorts of Juicy Stuff<tm> about her extramarital affair.

While Nancy was not stupid enough to show pictures of her affair on Faceyspaces, she did send these emails from school district devices in school district email.  I suppose this makes her one degree less stupid than the above-mentioned Mr. Causer but the jury may still be deliberating this case.

Following are some of the highlights, courtesy of TSG:
In the correspondence, Sebring and her lover, who is also married, wrote about nipples and oral skills; how Sebring had “fallen in love with your d...”; missing each other; kissing; ass licking; horniness; sexy thoughts; gushing; 69; anal sex; late-night texts; orgasms; dick pics; suction cup dildos; and hands slipped under Sebring’s dress.

I am repeatedly reminded (by everyone around me) to try to be positive.   To that end, I'd like to say that Nancy is quite attractive for 57 and it's wonderful to hear that her sex life is so fulfilling (and active) at that age.  It gives us all hope.


  1. Sebring might be Jimmy Durante's daughter?

    Bigamy: one wife too many
    Monogamy: see Bigamy
    .......still laughing (also still too young to get married)

  2. We're ALL too young to get married.