Wednesday, June 13, 2012

High Fructose Corn Syrup Til We Die!

The mayor of New York has spoken and it is apparent that someone needs to politely ask him to submit to an IQ test then a reality test.  I do not want to come right out and call Mayor Bloomberg an idiot because that's an ad-hominem attack.

The reason I question his sanity is that unconstitutional legislation should not be put through as law and (hopefully) most of us realize that banning large size sodas is clearly unconstitutional.  I don't care about his lofty ideals: the law is unconstitutional.

In addition to unconstitutional, the law goes against common sense and everything our founding fathers fought for.  Let's face it: no one wants anyone to get fat.  But that's not the point here.  The point is the incessant Nanny-State-ism being foisted upon us by our kleptocracy (aka government).

Will Bloomberg or his minions be there to intercept the Twinkie as it heads to our gaping mouth?
Will all windows in New York be ordered shut because someone might jump?
Will the fine for jaywalking be increased to the death penalty?
Will the mayor personally put his foot under your gas pedal to make sure you don't exceed the speed limit?

It's bad enough that our rights are being eaten at a record rate.  Let's not have the government `protecting' us also.

Remember - George Washington fought for our right to gorge ourselves until our heart gives up out of sheer hopelessness.

P.S. the First Lady approves of the mayor's ban, while talking out the other side of her mouth about a federal ban.

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