Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Linus Flips Nvidia the Bird

As you know, I love and use linux as my primary operating system.  Our founder and spiritual leader is Linus Torvalds.  Linus is a pretty bright guy, given to speaking his mind.  Sometimes he's a tad grumpy, especially during this exchange about Nvidia's statement that they are flatly ignoring and not supporting linux.

What, you've never seen an octopus hitching a ride on a dolphin's genitals before?

Remember that Princely fellow William who recently got married to a Kate?  Kate has apparently been shown her place by Lupo, the cocker spaniel.  We here at ThermionicEmissions wish to salute William on his excellent taste in black cockers.  While Marshall is upset that Lupo is an English cocker, what else can we expect from the Limeys?

Well, it's been a few days since our friends at the TSA have been in the news.  This week I bring you news of a different kind of TSA story.  A lady had a serious complaint about how she was groped, so she groped a TSA agent.  We need more stories like this.

Over in Bedford County, Virginia, a dead dog received a voter registration form.  I don't know about his voting plans, but if he ran, I'd vote for him.  He has to be better than the current set.

Over at the Jerry Sandusky trial, Mrs. Sandusky took the stand for the defense today.  Before the questioning got started, Mrs. Sandusky was heard to ask why Jerry kept asking her to dress up like an altar boy.    [I made this up.]

And lastly, Msgr Lynn, of the Philadelphia Catholic Church sex abuse scandal, has requested house arrest instead of jail.  I'm not sure but I heard that he's requesting the Ronald McDonald House arrest.

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