Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Sensation Gets an Ice Cream Sandwich

I got notice that my HTC Sensation phone had an update available.  This was the much-discussed update to Ice Cream Sandwich, the latest and supposedly greatest version of Android.

The update downloaded and installed smoothly.

When I rebooted, I noticed that my connection had been upgraded to 2g from 4g.  In fact, ever since the upgrade, I have yet to receive a 4g signal.  And just about every one of my calls has fuzzed out and dropped.

The update also did weird things to the user interface.  I installed Zeam Launcher to get rid of all the unnecessary bling and blinky lights but Ice Cream Sandwich still managed to munge things up.  There are now no icons on my lock screen.  I had to add them to the main screen.

My phone is also significantly slower regardless of what it's doing.

Ice Cream Sandwich is a huge failure in my freezer.  Apparently I'm not alone, as most people over at Android Forums want to know how to get rid of this perilous upgrade.  Unfortunately the only way to rid one's phone of Ice Cream Sandwich is to root it and install a custom ROM.  As I'm due for a new phone any day now, I'm trying to hold on to this phone, with all its minimal performance.

I have had nothing but bad luck with T-Mobile.  Given the choice, I'd dump them like hot lava.   I never had a dropped call when we were with Verizon.

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