Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Bilderbergers, Meet the Alex Jones Mafia

Last week saw the start of the yearly Bilderberg meeting.  This year it was in Virginia.

Who are the Bilderbergers?  A group of very high-level influential politicians, businesspeople, and world leaders.  They acquired their name from the hotel where the first meeting was held.  What do they do?  Set the agenda for the coming year.  At this conference, Romney's running mate was decided.

The Bilderbergers are a behind-the-scenes powerful group, like the Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations.  They set the tune to which the rest of the world will march.

Don't call this conspiracy theory: it's all out close enough to the open for everyone to research.

But don't try getting into the Bilderberg meeting.  Since Alex Jones and others started their investigations, security has gone through the roof.  Guests of the hotel are summarily ejected, even if they have prior reservations.  Protesters are kept far enough away so as not to disturb the decision-makers.  They roll by in blacked-out limousines.  But leaks are usually good enough that an attendee list makes it out before the end of the conference.  Don't count on the mainstream media: they are forbidden by their corporate masters from reporting.

Say what you want about Alex Jones: he's over the top, hyperbole, pushes his advertisers' goods; the man is a force of nature.  He has done more to expose these secret groups than anyone.  Because of this, he has taken quite a beating during his occasional appearances on or in mainstream media.  They love to label him a conspiracy nut.  To be honest, there's no conspiracy here - it's largely out in the open.

Who was there this year?  Glad you asked....

Educate yourself.

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