Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Bizarro MP3 Player Behavior

I have been using a personal computer pretty much since there were personal computers, possibly before.

Shortly after I started using a computer, I started putting music on my computer.  Fast forward quite a few years and here I am with a number of quad-core processor boxes, running linux (like the old unix days), with [insert deity] only knows how many gigs of music storage.

I have used every media player I could find, across Windows and linux.  My favorite is VLC, hands down.  Unfortunately every one I have ever used bugs the hell out of me.  With, for sake of argument, twenty gigs of music on a hard drive, why does every player only play a tiny amount of my music when set to random?  I can hear the same songs several times during the week and most not at all.  To throw a larger raspberry at me, sometimes it will play two songs by the same artist.  What are the odds? (rhetorical question, thank you)

My wife, bless her pointy little head, decided to swap my 100+ song cd's in the car for a few single album cd's.  When I asked where she hid them, she told me they were in the glove compartment.  Surprise - she had hidden them so well even she couldn't find them.   And as much as I like (some of) her music, the same old songs are getting a bit long in the tooth.. and the radio is broken, only due to content.

So yesterday I burned a random mp3 cd for the car, picking songs from directories on the hard drive.  It was incredibly refreshing to drive home with all new songs.  The sad realization was that since I've been working for ten years, there shouldn't be all these `new' songs to play: the players should have played them all randomly.

I'm sure it isn't just me.  A guy across from me agrees, so it must be universal!


If you are moved to suggest a player, consider that I only run linux and am not looking for a ridiculously large, heavy player to manage my music.  I do not wish to manage my music; I only want to play it.

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