Saturday, November 19, 2011

My Dog is Smarter than Your Honor Student

Other folks at work brag about their kids.  I bring in pictures of Marshall the cocker.  He has his own fan club.  I can't get work to put him on my health plan, though...

Marshall is the third rescue cocker.  He's also the smartest by far.  Between three dogs and two cats, every one has managed to figure out how to open bi-fold doors.  Amusing as this may be, the bathroom has a bi-fold door.  The dog opens it to be with his mommy.  The cat seems to have something against doors being closed so he'll open it while you're in the bathroom, then walk out.

We also have louvered doors going into the kitchen.  The cats have made short work of them.   The dogs, not so much.  Marshall can open them if they're already open a bit.

Every now and then, the cat will jump on the table and knock something yummy off for the dog.  We have no explanation for that.  They can both knock each other out of their food bowls, which is odd.

Marshall, as I've mentioned, loves cat food in an unnatural way.  We feed the cat and close the door so Marshall can't get in.  As soon as the cat is done, he opens the door and Marshall rushes in to lick out the bowl.  Sometimes the cat eats dog food too (neither is good for the other, btw).  We call this Cat Food Ballet.  When he's done, Marshall makes a stop at his bowl, as if to say he was there the whole time.  It's hysterical to watch.

I came home from practice today and my wife couldn't wait to let me know what my special child did while I was gone.  When we feed the cat, we take a spoonful of food and put it in his bowl, then put the cat food can back on the counter.  The cat will spend all day bothering us to feed him but doesn't have any issues with leaping up and eating our food.

Marshall figured out there was cat food on the counter and set about getting it.  My wife heard noise in the kitchen, which is never a good thing.  Marshall was leaping up and knocking the cat food cat off the counter with a paw.

I'd say I'm proud of him but this is getting tiresome.

Marshall also has a fondness for trash, like most dogs.  His main hobby is shredding the tissues he pulls out of the trash.  Sometimes he makes tissues appear from nowhere (usually after I'm done vacuuming).  To combat this, we purchased a can that has a lid that snaps down.  Virtually dog-proof, right?

Not so much.

Marshall figured out that if he leaps up and hits the can the right way with a paw, the Magic Trash Lid opens up, allowing full access to the trash he loves so much.

If we could just get them to do some cleaning or taking out the trash, they'd be worth their weight in gold.  Tonight, tired from practice, I asked Marshall if he'd make me some dinner - nothing fancy, just something small.  He just sat there on my lap, pretending not to understand me.

It's hard to get mad at a creature with such magnificent brown eyes.  It drives my wife crazy when he sits on my lap and stares up at me.

I have to go now.  I think Marshall is on the computer in the next room.  No telling what he's up to now....

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