Wednesday, November 9, 2011

With an Armadillo?

Protesters in Pakistan burn Hillary...

Alas, it was only in effigy....

[forwarded from work] If an older woman chasing younger men is a cougar, does that make an older man chasing young boys a nittany lion?

Woman beaten with frozen armadillo...

How to put a positive spin on this... at least it wasn't alive?

'JERSEY SHORE' finale ratings drop for first time...

Every now and then there's hope for humanity....

Christo-terrorists besiege play.

Heaven help us from people helping us into heaven.

Maryland Considering Flush Fee Hike

So close to D.C.

SHOCK CLAIM: Bieber Sued for Paternity?

Simple: either a paternity test or just grasp reality: he has no penis.

OBAMA: God Wants To See Us Put People Back To Work...

This is the second occupant of the White House in a row who God Consults.

WASHINGTON - Four years after Congress imposed restrictions on travel funded by outside groups, federal lawmakers are frequent fliers again, taking 415 privately funded trips between Jan. 1 and Sept. 30 - a nearly 75% jump in the number of trips they took during the same period in 2010, records show.

The best congress money can buy!

Insane Clown Posse 'Juggalos' classified as a gang in FBI report...

Why not just cite them for violations against taste and be done with it?

Hookers for Jesus!

In spite of my a-reglious bent, I'm in there (so to speak).

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