Monday, November 21, 2011

Moron of the Month Award

This is my first Moron of the Month award and I'd like to proudly present it to the city of Springfield, IL, for getting the city's water supply hacked from outside.

As usual, I have questions:

  • Why is something so important as a city's water supply accessible via the internet?
  • Why do people who should already know better continue to make these idiotic mistakes?
  • Why did it take up to two months to investigate this as a hack?

Unimpressed by the Springfield fiasco, a hacker called "pr0f" got into the Houston, TX, water supply, drew a diagram, then cracked the three-character password used to `protect' their water supply.  He caused no damage while inside.

But do not panic, good people.  The Department of Homeland Security stepped right up to let us know that "At this time, there is no credible corroborated data that indicates a risk to critical infrastructure entities or a threat to public safety."

Feel better now?  Someone hacked into Springfield's water system and burned out a pump.  Then someone hacked into Houston's water system and drew a network diagram, complete with three-character password.  But there is no threat to public safety here, folks.  Nothing to see here - just go home.

These people must be related to the ones who watched ufo's fly over the White House in 1952 and declared that there was no threat to national security.


Let me see if I understand this correctly:  we have lost many of our constitutional rights to Homeland Security, yet Homeland Security can't secure the knot tied in a child's shoe?  We have to take off our shoes and carry less than three ounces of liquids when we fly, yet important infrastructure is wide open on the public internet?

Are you mad yet?

P.S.  Your medical records are next.

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  1. Regarding medical records

  2. Fascinating article, Lumpy. It's just the beginning, unfortunately...
    Ever wonder if it's just you?