Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Put That Blowdart Gun DOWN

That's what she said.

No, really, that's what she said when she walked through the door.  It was a lot more funny because she walked back with someone from a remote office.

Anywhere else it would not have made a lot of sense or not been funny at very least. But here in the Twilight Zone, where the Yellow Brick Road meets the Duck Pond, it was just another day.

We just got done getting blamed for all sorts of issues that weren't ours and were a bit edgy.  Someone had the foresight to charge up the radio-controlled helicopters so they were first in the air; the regular one followed by the dual rotor model.

After watching them crash a few times, as they tend to do, it became time to find objects that would interfere with their flight.  A long blue back-scratcher found its way into the flight path of helo one.  It was like the rocket-propelled grenade from hell.  The next flight got picked off by a clever shot of a pencil.

The guy with the blowdart gun (the longer one) was getting warmed up and ready to fire when in walked the lady....

"Put that blowdart gun DOWN!" she said, shielding the visitor from the remote office.

At this point, you're probably asking yourself where the department head is while all this tomfoolery is happening.....

He's the guy flying the first chopper.

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