Wednesday, November 9, 2011

lefty Weighs in on Joe Paterno

I know you're probably saying to yourself:

Hey, why in the world would leftystrat have a single thing to say about anything having to do with sports?

And a very good question, that.

I spent a very minimal amount of time getting some background on this from my esteemed coworkers; the first place I go when I need answers about sports stuff.

As best I understand it, Joe Paterno allowed this to happen on his watch by not doing to the coach what the coach was doing to the little boys.

And Joe Paterno leaps to inaction and resigns immediately (at the end of this season).

Do I have it right?

Do I really need to comment?

In the end, this adds to my assertion that Penn State and the Eagles be sent to Albania on a permanent basis.


Paterno stated that he wished to leave with dignity.   My wife, a victim of childhood sexual abuse, asked what about the dignity of the poor children - they got none.


Penn State has terminated Joe Paterno, as well as the president of the university.  Well done, folks.

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