Monday, November 21, 2011

Work Stories: Quantum Food

One of my colleagues was out of the office for a week for training.  This caused a problem for the rest of us at lunch.  You see, Smedley (almost his real name but not quite) has the rather annoying habit of commenting on lunches that belong to other people.  We have no idea why.

"Hey lefty ... spaghetti today?"

You're mighty observant, Smedley.

Now I don't claim to understand quantum physics but I suspect we have a case here that puts it all in perspective.  Things exist as a wave and/or a particle until observed.

This means that my lunch remains a wave until Smedley comments on it, rendering it a particle.  The problem was noticed while Smedley was out of the office last week.  I posed the question to my coworkers: does my lunch exist without Smedley here to comment on it?  Then what do I eat when my lunch is a wave?

These questions are way above my level.


Apparently Asia is getting into the coffee business.  This is my guess, based upon the packet of coffee I received with an order recently:

My taste You know

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