Wednesday, November 23, 2011


This would be my first Thanksgiving post here on Blogger.  So I'm sitting here, waiting for some words to start appearing and arranging themselves on the screen.  Much like asking the cat to cook dinner, I'm starting to realize that perhaps this is not going to go exactly as requested.


I'd like to lead with heartwarming.  A coworker spent a Thanksgiving at a hospital, where his daughter was undergoing treatment for leukemia.  Tragically, she slipped away.  They noticed that Thanksgiving was pretty bleak for those concerned so every year since, they deliver dinner to families undergoing treatment.  Others at work are getting involved.  Bravo and happy day to you all.


Next up, I'd like to thank my readers here (both of you).  The tranistion from my former home to Blogger was not without complications and I'd like to thank the folks who followed me as well as the new people.  Lots of folks have been stopping by from countries where I don't speak the language.  Welcome.  Whatever happy accident brought you here is my gain.  Yours too, I hope.

Now I have to stop typing because, once again, Mr. Loud from the Loud Family (across the street) is using power tools after 10:30pm.  I am having (even more) trouble concentrating.  I think the poor guy just needs a girlfriend.  You see, he's married, yet he spends all this time working on the house.  Using power tools early in the morning and late at night is a classic spousal-avoidance move.  If not a girlfriend, maybe a booty call now and then.  The guy's wife has a bumper sticker that says `My Other Car is a Broom' and she's not kidding.

I was just about the be thankful for the apparent cessation of the power tools when another member of the Loud Family took off on his Honda Davidson V8 bike with no muffler.  The houses on both sides of the street are still shaking.


Today was our Thanksgiving party at work.  Everybody on the team came prepared.  I haven't seen so much homemade food at one place in years.  I noticed there was a lot of red food and a coworker clued me in that this was because we work with a lot of `eyetalians'.  Being one herself, she should probably know.  I hear we were in pretty good shape for those with OCD, because they could put all the red food on one plate and go back for other colors later.

The super-abundance of food did nothing to trump the rather large amount of alcohol amassed for the event.  Up until today I had not heard of anything called Birthday Cake Vodka.  I don't generally drink but one whiff of this stuff and I was no longer a Vodka Virgin.  What did it taste like?  Cake.  I'm not kidding.  I wonder if there's a chocolate vodka...

As great a party as it was, I was kinda disappointed that no one wore a lampshade, swung from the chandelier, or did something highly embarrassing that they would not remember until I showed them (and everyone else) the video.  In hindsight, perhaps it was a good idea to avoid Drunken Blowdarts after all.

But it's ok - we're in the early planning stages of the Xmas party.  Not sure how we're going to top this party, but we are a very strong, creative group that never fails.


My brother is in for the holidays.  My relatives would cackle madly if they heard me saying this (and if you repeat it, I will deny it) but it's nice to have the family together.  Having a sibling across the country makes it difficult to get together.

I noticed that every time he comes in, the weather is more gloomy than the previous time.  I'd hate for him to think it's gloomy here in PA every single day (as opposed to every other day).  We're already well past the all time record for yearly rainfall.

At work I mentioned the brother coming in and someone asked me if he was as sarcastic as me.  After thinking about it and much giggling, I realized you don't want to be a fly on the wall when the three of us get going.  Mostly you don't want to be the object of our conversation.   Poor Mom.

There will be food.   Oof, will there be food.  In a fairly new tradition, cooking is getting split up and everyone is doing what they do best.  Nobody loses.


Happy, healthy, and safe Thanksgiving to you and yours, from all of us here at ThermionicEmissions.

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  1. Lefty, here's wishing you and Mrs. Lefty and all the family and friends (even the Louds across the street) a wonderful, safe, and HAPPY Thanksgiving.

    After your short holiday break, I'll be expecting some more fabulous output from you. Without you, I wouldn't know who to plagiarize. ;)

    Rock on!