Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Best Football Season EVER

President (and Mrs.) Giveaway are in England today, one day after celebrating his roots in Ireland (O'bama?).

When signing the guest book at Westminster Abbey, Obama got the year wrong.  This is apparently all the press has to report.

I have to call it as I see it and the way I see it, we should not heap hate upon the president for this slip up.  If you're going to pick on him, do so because he's a lying sack of excrement, not because he confused his years.


Robert Zimmerman, aka Dylan, is seventy today.


The White House has added a position to deal with unfavorable online press.  In other words, the taxpayers are paying the bill for his next campaign.

We also know who will be calling me shortly.


Nicholas Sarkozy, famous largely due to being in charge in France, has convened the G8 Summit in France.  He thinks it's great that the online world has all of its benefits but he'd prefer that the countries get their say.

In other words, he wants the rest of the globalist bastards to clamp down on the internet.


A football player called Ray Lewis has inserted his foot into his oral cavity via the statement that crime will rise if football season doesn't go on.

I don't know about you but I think this is going the be the best football season ever.


  1. Bob Dylan is seventy??
    Doesn't seem possible.
    What has president giveaway DONE, besides 'slip up'?
    I wouldn't know a football from a can of paint.

  2. Football? *yawn*

    Geeez! Some hardcore teabags, er... I mean tea potty (Boston pronunciation) folks here, huh?

    Dylan-schmylan. He never did much for me.