Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Funny Stats I See from Blogger [or Who Has the Mac?]

Ok, who has the Mac?

Normally it wouldn't matter.  I manage somewhat of a coexistence with Macs for the most part.  But boy, these dandy new stats I am seeing are the bees knees.

Let's take today.   Please.
The blog was viewed by a few Windows users, a few linux users, and what looks like one Mac. How can you, a loyal Mac fan/acolyte/addict, view this blog?  Aren't you afraid you'll get cooties?

In addition, the stats break further down by browsers.  There's IE (boo!), Firefox, Arora, and Safari (aha - MACS!).

I'm not even gonna ask which one of you is in Germany...


Yeah, Arora - got a problem wid dat?

Ancient Blogger Secret: if I read my blog and leave comments with Arora (a tiny linux browser), I'll know that the other two or three browsers belong to actual readers. Because no one in their right mind surfs with Arora (except me and a few other linux geeks worldwide). And the likelihood that either of the two other Arora geeks will stumble upon my blog is infinitesimally small, like a full turnout on primary day.


I don't care what OS or browser you use.  I'm thankful you came by.


  1. There are many browsers, but only ONE OS - XP!
    Party on Garth.
    Party on Wayne.

  2. When there is only one candidate for each office, why bother? My spouse wrote me in. I told her not to give out my email address.

    I'm an equal opportunity surfer. No Iron users?


  3. I use iron every day man! - several tons.