Monday, May 16, 2011

Friday - the Last Supper?

So I'm minding my business, driving to work one day, when I pass two signs indicating that the world will end on May 21st, 2011.   They must be serious, as they've paid for two whole billboards.

So it becomes pretty apparent that this is a religious stunt (duh).  One of the billboards tells me to prepare to meet my maker.  HA - I've already outmaneuvered them, as I saw my mom last week.

But these folks, whoever they are, are pretty damn serious.  They've purchased billboards all over the place.  A cynic [present!] would try to find out how long the billboards are paid for.  This particular cynic is taking security courses this week so he has to do all of his critical blog-thinking at night.


Even non-cynics (are you out there?) are going to have questions about this alleged judgment day:

  • will there be a flaming Cadillac?  (Lincolns are also acceptable)
  • do you too enjoy the smell of brimstone in the morning?
  • will the churches bail out the parishoners on the 22nd?
  • will any of the heathen scum care for my pets after I ascend?
  • are the Catholics truly the only ones in heaven?
  • will you be one of Osama Bin Laden's 72 virgins?
  • will the funeral parlors cry foul?

Bulletin from Mrs. leftystrat:  If more people had faith in themselves, as opposed to this stuff, we'd all be better off.



    1. Buffet (why can't I have an avatar?)May 17, 2011 at 7:03 AM

      Security courses? Would that be the home, 'homeland', or online type?
      Please reply before the 21st, as after that it won't matter.

    2. Shameless plug for my own thoughts on this at my blog -->


    3. Buff: online. We'll have an online virtual last supper, ok?

      V.T.: plug away but you haven't seen my traffic graphs :)

    4. I plan on being late to the rapture. If I comment after the 21st, you'll know they left without me.


    5. I'll bring the wine.
      On a more serious note - any plans on sharing summa those security tips and treasures here?
      I am, out of necessity, BIG on security.

    6. Happy Rapture Looting Day! Here's hoping y'all get some good shit! ;)