Thursday, May 19, 2011

Current Events: Ice Cream

Since I packed up and moved to Blogger/Blogspot, I haven't done a single piece on a very important part of life: food.

It is indeed true that everybody likes ice cream.  My tastes vary according to availability.  Way back when, I discovered Baskin Robbins' Cookie Dough ice cream with marshmallow topping.  It served me for years beyond count.  But then something terrible happened: Baskin Robbins closed their stores and merged with Dunkin Donuts to the point where they physically coexist.  Unfortunately that meant the end of marshamallow topping.  To this day, I cannot tell you why.

Unfortunately the owner/operators of the Dunkin Robbins are right with me in terms of not knowing why there's no marshmallow topping.  The first time I walked into one, I asked for marshmallow topping and the nice fellow just looked at me as if I had spoken Swahili.  This is not at all a new expression for me, so it didn't register.  It might be said that I had spoken a different language, in the most cliche sense of the phrase, as the fellow didn't have a clue what a marshmallow was.

Visits to other Baskin Donuts confirmed the sad news.  Being a resourceful little turd, I got right on the Baskin website and emailed them as if my life depended on it.  Rest assured that Baskin Robbins took my request very seriously.  I am going to go ahead and assume that they took it so seriously that they bounced it up the chain.  Several times.  So far and so frequently that it was either deemed a trade secret that could not be divulged or they just plain ignored me.  This is not at all a new result for me.

The old standby is Breyers Vanilla, but only the kind with Real Vanilla Bean Specs<tm>.  A short while back we discovered Edy's, which comes in all sorts of interesting flavors.  The most interesting flavor by far turned out to be Ice Cream Sandwich.  Have you ever had an ice cream sandwich?  Of course you have - everybody loves ice cream sandwiches.  Edy's Ice Cream Sandwich tastes like they took a whole box of ice cream sandwiches and ground them down into an ice cream container.  It's frighteningly realistic.

Naturally it has become near impossible to locate Ice Cream Sandwich so we're left to try out whatever's around.  Yesterday my wife came home with two new Edy's flavors: Triple Chocolate Peanut Butter and Smores.  Historically, peanut butter ice cream has always failed me and this was no exception.  The wife said that triple chocolate would fail her and it did.  I had trouble figuring out what about triple chocolate didn't work but then again, I like chocolate a little too much (or so I hear).

Smores, on the other hand, was a huge hit with everyone.  If you like the Girl Scout Cookies of the same name, you'll love this ice cream (even though they're not made with real girl scouts).  If you don't like smores (or coconut), avoid this ice cream.

I advise you to get out and pick up a container or six now, before someone discovers I really like it and pulls it from the shelves forever.

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  1. Buffet w/o avatarMay 20, 2011 at 8:05 AM

    The BEST time to eat ice cream is right after a contest. After twelve to fourteen weeks of Spartan-like depravation, eating an entire tub is childsplay.Yum-me-dee!!