Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Bin Laden Death Fallout

During my last entry about Bin Laden, I mentioned that in order to see what value this had (and to whom), we needed to see what was going to happen and follow the money.


One thing that allegedly came out of the data allegedly found around Bin Laden was threats of attacks on railroads.  We didn't have to wait long.  New York's own train wreck, Senator Chuck Schumer, has called for a Do-Not-Ride list for Amtrak.

Won't be long before we'll be told to stand in line and expect to be groped before riding the train.  Before long the TSA will employ millions of low-wage pat-down experts, stationed at the entrance to any type of transport.   And we will semi-grudgingly lay down our rights for this, right?

In fact, after the discovery of Bin Laden's documents, travel all over the place has become hazardous.  Not because of actual danger; because of perceived Bin Laden danger.  Even from the grave he's a useful idiot for those pulling the strings.

If you want a good look at some of the recent travel snafus, visit the Drudge Report.  I mention this because the guy's site could use some traffic.  The Poop Bombs link is a must-see.

So Bin Laden's dead (some say he has more lives than a cat).  This wily mastermind lived in a very large compound, of which his host country claimed to be unaware.  The CIA was confused because there were no lines headed into the house.  But I'm confused too because one can't have a television and computers without electricity and other interesting wires heading into the compound.  Why would this mastermind keep plans on local hard drives, where they could be found and mined for information?  That doesn't sound very mastermind-y at all.


Now we can address the issue of Pakistan.  The US has given them billions of dollars to tell us they have no idea where Bin Laden was hiding.  They were unaware of the raid.  Pakistan seems largely unaware of much of anything except the fact that they'll be mighty upset if we stop the billions from flowing freely as before.

QUIZ TIME:  Have you ever been threatened by Pakistan?  Were you afraid?

While my ICBM knowledge is sorely lacking, I figure a medium sized one would flatten the general area pretty nicely.  After that, there would be nobody left to argue about whose land was which.  Or to blame the US for everything, even though we weren't born for thousands of years after the trouble started.  Last but not least, we wouldn't have to hear from the Muslim Brotherhood again, which would be a boon in anybody's book.


What have we now?  Vague railroad threats and a general tightening of security, along with nervousness among the citizenry.  Perfect climate to purchase more `security' gear and poach a few more civil rights.

Stay tuned...

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