Monday, May 2, 2011

Bin Laden and Kennedy, Together Again

Pardon my skepticism upon hearing that Osama bin Laden, CIA asset, has been not only killed, but buried at sea.

As a patriotic American, I felt a twinge of interest at the news, but then my rational thinking kicked in, eliciting my normal brand of skepticism and sarcasm.  My poor wife, who gave me the news of OBL's death, kept reiterating that she was just passing on the news, as I snickered repeatedly.

Remember that John F. Kennedy was buried at sea.   Funny that; the chance of autopsy or any testing at all becomes naught once a body is `buried' at sea.  Now we have a pretty good idea that the Kennedy affair did not go entirely as stated, he said, with typical British understatement (even though he was not British).  I am forced to suspect that OBL's funeral was more of the same.

The stated reason for burial was that the muslim religion wants to bury the body within twenty four hours.  Wasn't it incredibly considerate of the government to observe muslim tradition?  I wonder why they just didn't put the body in the ground, like most other muslim funerals.

Just for your amusement, I present a report from Fox News from 2001, stating that bin Laden had died.  And another stating that he is in very poor health.  Not to mention many reports about failed audio analyses and strange `current' pictures with different size noses over the years.

Many friends have asked me the big Why Now question.  Well, I can't say exactly, but watch and learn.  See what happens as a result.  Already the terror threat level has been ratcheted through the ceiling.  This is either a distraction or to someone's benefit.  Remember: follow the money.

And speaking of distractions, how about that wedding?

Q. What is the definition of wedding?
A.  Funeral where you can smell your own flowers.


  1. I never understood why they didn't just send Rambo to kill him?
    PERFECT definition of a wedding. Glad I'm too young for that nonsense.

  2. Did you happen to notice that Osama became a martyr and Pope JP II became a saint on the same day? God... er, I mean Allah does have a sense of humor. ;)

  3. Buffet: because he's making a movie with the Governator.

    V.T.: Good point. I heard they dug up the body to beautify it. Seems like a lot of work. I'll never understand religion.

  4. That's the whole point. Religion must be kept beyond understanding in order to succeed at its goals of keeping the populace ignorant and controlled. Hey! That sounds a lot like government, actually.

    Yeeeesh! I'm becoming more and more the apathetic Atheist/Anarchist(non-violent) as I go along. And to think, I used to be a fine upstanding young Republican. My! How times have changed.